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Women's Silver Essentials!

Calcium is absolutely necessary for all women. The benefits are overwhelming and researchers are finding more everyday. This essential mineral is needed within the body to help with muscle contraction, blood vessel expansion and contraction, and the transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium is needed to help maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system. Additionally, it assists in the secretion of hormones and enzymes. It also helps with heart rhythms and nutrients going in and out of cells.
Omega-3 Krill Oil is the building block for the hormones that control blood clotting, inflammation, and cell growth. Studies are investigating the benefits of Omega-3 in fighting cancer cells, preventing cardiovascular disease, and many auto-immune diseases.
Multi-Vitamin is not a replacement for food.It assists the body in having the nutrients needed to function when our diets do not supply the necessary basic elements found in healthy food.
Now get all three of these necessary supplements prepackaged in daily dosages. Each packet contains 2 capsules of calcium, 1 capsule of Omega-3 fish oil and 1 multi-vitamin. Clear your medicine cabinet shelf or bathroom counter of the bottles and stop trying to remember if you took one or two calciums.
These are great for travel! Grab one packet for each day of your trip and stuff the sealed packets in your shoes. So much less space in your suitcase will be taken up by bottles.

Taking essential supplements can't be easier than pre-packaged

Research on the benefits of taking Vitamins, Calcium and Krill Oil are overwhelming, but many times it is hard to remember what to take, when to take them, or forgetting to bring them with you if you are running errands or away from home. A great solution is the Women's Silver Essentials pre-packaged vitamin packs! They include all the necessary vitamins that women 50 and over need to maintain a healthy and youthful life!The health benefits of the following supplements have been talked about in countless magazine articles, and in many other medical journals.

  • Carry packets rather than klutzy, clumsy, cumbersome bottles
  • Count out the number of packets for travel; don't pack bottles
  • Easy to remember to take all three since they're packaged together
dr. oz oprah healthy eating weight loss vitamin pack calcium
Women's Silver Essentials (30 Servings)
Our Price: $37.00

Ladies, have your essential supplements packaged together! One packet, no counting, no bottles cluttering the counter.

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