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          How do we achieve that feeling of vitality?  How do we achieve that pinnacle of well being?  As we age the goal is to do so with health, strength and quality of life.  A better you means a better life!

            While we may not like the signs of aging on the outside, our insides are where the process starts. As our bodies and minds mature, we need to evaluate ourselves.  We need to proactively address aging in order to slow it.  By slowing inner aging, outer aging becomes slower and more graceful.  Then a better you, becomes a better life.

        We each can become a healthier person by utilizing the options that are available to us. We can be prepared and proactive as we age. We can be aware of our critical numbers and be honest with ourselves about our health assessment. Research shows our biggest aging fears are cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  We at ANR can help you face these fears armed with the latest research, tools to help monitor your risks, and tips to lessen the odds.  Most doctors say the keys to fighting these fears are exercise, weight control, smoking cessation and alcohol moderation.  But tackling these mighty issues alone can be insurmountable.  We at ANR are your support system as you choose to take on these aging keys in order to slow aging and make a better you, a better life.

           By using recommended methods that help reduce risk factors of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, we can help guide you to a better me, a better life.  The support you need to be healthy and live longer is not only in these pages, but within email reach. We offer personal attention to YOUR needs with tools to help you monitor YOUR progress and  products to supplement YOUR health care.

         At ANR (Applied Nutritional Research) we are committed to helping you  be prepared and proactive in aging with health and strength for a better you and a better life!

                At ANR we are ordinary people, living ordinary lives on ordinary incomes.  We rely on research to guide us to the best practices and best supplements for slowing aging.  We strongly believe in the power of support systems which is why we want to help you on this journey to a better you, a better life!