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Weight Control

We may be middle aged, but we don't need a spreading middle! Be a better you and control those measurements!

We all know the answer - calories in must be less than calories out. Simple. You can do it.

Print out the measurement chart, fill it out, tape it to your bathroom mirror or inside the medicine cabinet. But put it where you can't miss it every day. And best of all, tape a present picture of yourself to it; preferably in a swim suit. (Borrow a camera with a timer, so you can do it in total privacy.)

Tracking measurements provides a much better picture of weight control than the scale. The scale varies tremendously throughout the day and week depending on so many factors. Measurements will reflect weight loss before the scale ever does, especially if you are weight lifting. Muscle is being built and toning the body (smaller measurements), but the scale might not indicate that change for several days or even weeks.water bottle, apple and measuring tape This can be very discouraging. Watch the measurements instead.

Add up all the measurements. (The chart will do it for you.) Once a month (ok, once a week if you are truly working out and watching what you eat) retake the measurements and total them. The total is what counts. Depending on your body type and exercise program, your thighs might reflect tone before your hips. The total of all the measurements will show you are getting fit and smaller and this is GREAT NEWS!! Use that decreasing number to stay motivated.

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