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How many minutes a day do you need to be active to lose 10 pounds in a month?

Our bodies burn calories when we sleep, watch tv and exercise. If we want to lose weight, we have to rev up the amount of calories being burning, by revving up the activity. Not many effective ways to do that on the couch, at least none that will be discussed here.

To truly lose weight one must consume fewer calories than are expended. Which means this is a two part process: eat less, move more. Sounds simple.

Use this calculator to get a rough idea of the number of calories you should eat ( and no more) to reach your goal rate. You make the adjustment for the level of activity and the rate of loss you find acceptable.

Now you know your caloric intake level. Read the page onEat to Lose to eat the right calories at the right time.
Let's move on to activity level. With the calculator, you chose the number of pounds you want to lose per month. That needs to be a healthy, achievable number. 1 - 2 pounds per week is a healthy and maintainable weight loss. Setting the calculator to lose 4 pounds per month, choose Sedentary on the calculator. You are given the number of daily calories to eat (and no more) to attain that weight loss. Move the calculator to Moderate Activity and see how many more calories you can have! Why? Because the more you move, the more calories your body needs. If you are willing to get off the coach and exercise, then you can eat more!! Of course, more of the right foods at the right time - see Eat to Lose.

Moderate activity expects you to exercise 45 minutes a day minimum at a heart rate that is in the target fat burn zone. Use this calculator for a rough idea of your target heart zone. Your doctor's office probably has a chart with similar information.

Heart Rate Calculator

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Heart Rate Calculator

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Now, choose your exercise and look at the number of calories you are burning:

It isn't necessary to keep a detailed log of your calories burned and calories consumed.This becomes tedious and is easily abandoned.Instead, on a calendar write down what you do as exercise each day.The 45 minutes do not have to be done all at the same time.Perhaps you do a fast walk within your target heart zone for 30 minutes and later in the day another 15 minutes walk with the dog, again in the target heart zone.Write this on the calendar.Each day you can see how active you have been. If you skip a day, make a note on the calendar how you felt.

At the same time, keep a small notebook on the kitchen counter and write in it when and what you eat.Write down everything.For the first week, just write.At the end of the week, read back over each day. You will discover a lot of great information:

when do you eat - are you eating breakfast? going too long in the afternoon without food?Check out Eat To Lose.

what do you eat - are you having fruits and veggies?are you eating a can of nuts instead of 10 pieces? are you eating enough protein to stave off cravings? check out SuperFoods.

what changes can you make - write down a goal for the next week such as eat breakfast or eat 3 vegetable servings per day. Each week add another goal and soon you will be eating when and what is necessary to be a better you and have a better life!!!