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Why is cardio exercise a must ?

Cardio vascular exercise keeps the heart pumping smoothly, the mind sharp, lungs breathing deeply, while helping bones and organs maintain a high level of functioning. Putting forth the effort will make a better you.

The simplest and most effective way to start doing cardiovascular exercise is to begin with walking. Not a slow leisurely walk but a brisk walk in which you can raise your heart rate will give your body the boost it needs. By doing this you can improve your cardiac health and burn calories.

Start off your walk by going at a comfortable pace for a warm up. After five minutes increase your pace to a brisk walk. Keep this up for about 30 minutes and then decrease to a comfortable pace for five minutes to cool down. Make sure you do this at least three days a week. Whenever you do cardio make sure you stay hydrated with water and have a good fitting pair of shoes.

Another form of cardiovascular exercise that many people enjoy is running/jogging. To begin this type of exercise make sure that you have a good pair of running shoes. These help support your legs back and feet. Clothing should be comfortable and expandable. Selecting a place to run is also important. A running track in a gym, treadmill, or the park near your home can make for an excellent place for a beginner.

As a beginner start slow with a brisk ten minute walk. Begin running five to ten minutes after your muscles are warm. Jog or run for another five to ten minutes, then walk another 10 minutes. This routine should be followed for two to three weeks then increase the run time and decrease the walk time.

Jogging/running is very effective cardiovascular exercise, but it is hard on the joints in the lower body. If you choose this form of exercise make sure that you run at least three times a week

While swimming allows our cardio vascular system to be worked without putting strain on lower joints, it still offers a different alternative to many people. A person using swimming for cardio vascular exercise needs to have access to a pool where they can swim laps three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes using various intensity and strokes.

A common cardio vascular exercise is bicycling. This form of exercise helps strengthen core and lower body muscles.

To being cycling find a comfortable bicycle that fits your body. There are also bicycle trainers found at gyms and recreation centers. Riding at least three times a week for 30 minutes, over a variety terrain will offer a good workout. No matter where you bike muscle strength will be improved as well as overall heart health.

Other forms of cardio exercise are rowing machines, elliptical trainer and step aerobics. These forms of exercise require equipment that may be found at local recreation centers, private gyms, or sporting goods store.

Varying cardio exercise allows you to work different muscle groups while achieving the goal of cardio vascular health. Whenever you do cardio make sure you stay hydrated with water, have a good fitting pair of shoes and comfortable clothing for the exercise you choose.

Any cardio exercise will make a better you.