C9-T11 2.0
C9-T11 2.0

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Unleash Muscle Growth with the Anti-Catabolic Power of C9-T11 2.0

Athletes Gained 600% More Lean Muscle Mass in 7 Weeks vs. Placebo

Why is so difficult to pack on lean muscle mass without drugs? The primary reason is when you train intensely enough to stimulate growth, you’re also saturating your system with CORTISOL.

Cortisol is an overpowering catabolic hormone -- it actually prevents rapid growth from happening after you train. It makes the gains from intense workouts few and far between. In fact, every time you encounter stress -- be it from training, a lack of sleep, day-to-day worries, or simply driving in traffic -- your body’s ‘‘fight-or-flight’’ responses kick in, pumping out cortisol, which smothers muscle growth. It’s like throwing a wet blanket on a raging campfire. No wonder you have such a hard time gaining muscle -- your workout stimulates, then cortisol annihilates.

C9-T112.0 suppressess cortisol, disarming the catabolic bomb and supercharging the anabolic, hypertrophic response mechanisms. C9-T112.0 enables you to break through old genetic-cortisol limitations and unleash your mass potential.